Measure How Fast You Are Gaining Weight

Hello frustrated dieter,

Take this quiz to see just how fast you are gaining weight.

For every YES answer give yourself a point:

1. I always plan on exercising, but never get to it.

2. I know I am eating way more than I should be.

3. I feel like I could eat healthier.

4. I may be eating "healthy" and exercising, but I am not losing the weight I should be.

5. I feel older than my age.

6. I'm tired more that I feel I should be.

7. I don't get enough sleep, and I know I need more rest.

8. Recently I went swimsuit shopping, and I did not like what I saw, and wish I could be leaner.

9. I have cellulite, and am embarrassed to wear shorts, a short mini skirt, or even a swimsuit without a cover up.

10. Even though I have all the intentions in the world to lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise, I'm stuck in a rut! I am not losing weight, but I feel like I'm actually gaining weight!


If you answered YES to more of these questions than NO, then I am here to help! You see, I also suffered from being heavy, overweight, having no energy, but having also all the intentions of being in shape!

I would try to diet down, exercise for hours on end, and then just give up. Then I'd try to go back to living a healthy lifestyle, and it just would NOT stick!
I finally got healthy after being really frustrated! And then it happened! I took it slowly, and started working out smarter, not harder, and I got max results in minimum time!
I then developed my 28 day, 4 week weight loss and muscle toning program that JUMP STARTED my new healthy strong body! I created this program for those who wanted results fast, but in an easy step by step method, that would show you exactly what to do for every day, for an entire month!

The results have been amazing! It's been scientifically proven that it takes 4 weeks for a new healthy habit to stick and this is why I created this program.

But it's not for everyone! You see, this exclusive, tried and true fat blasting and muscle tightening program is only for those who want to see results, fast, and who also are bold enough to declare that they do deserve an amazing transformation.

This program was so elite, that it was only for my VIP clients, for athletes, and those who are always in front of a camera or on TV. So now, it's open to the public!

To see this amazing muscle engaging, fat burning total 28 day program, visit

It's not $2,000 like it used to be, and it's not even $1,500. And it's not even $1,000. Nope, not even $900, not even $800, and not even $500, and yes not even $400, and I'm not even going to make you pay $250! For only $197, you get my top secret vault consisting of over 4 weeks of JNL-approved workouts, over 150 JNL-approved recipes, my motivational tips, and daily positive affirmations!

You get all of this, plus SO much more!

But this offer won't last forever, as we will be spiking up the cost very soon! So to get in on this special exclusive offer, visit today!
Dedicated to your fitness goals,

Team JNL

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