Taking Fitness Into The Digital Age

By: Pedro van Gaalen, Managing Editor of the largest fitness magazine in South Africa.
The Internet has changed the world - the way we interact, the way we source and consume information and the speed at which things happen. So its no surprise that fitness superstar, celebrity trainer, author and model Jennifer Nicole Lee or JNL, as she is more affectionately referred to, has shot to stardom in such a short period of time, as she uses the magic of the Internet and technology to market her brand better than almost anyone in the industry.
A simple Google search for her name brings up photos, videos, her numerous websites, published work and articles, interviews, training programmes and an endless supply of news on the innovative ways she is using technology and the Internet to build her brand. From branded fitness iPhone apps, talking websites and e-books, to world firsts like SMS personal training, Jennifer is blazing a trail in the world of fitness 2.0. 
Jennifer's rise to fitness fame and notoriety began when she lost 70 pounds (31kgs) after giving birth to her second child. She wanted to improve her physical and mental health by losing weight and become more active with her children, so she began following a performance based nutritional plan and trained as an athlete. Jennifer's ultimate goal was to enter a bikini contest, and less than a year later she was crowned Miss Bikini America 2005. This win and her massive weight-loss launched a career as a fitness guru, model and celebrity trainer.
Jennifer is now one of the world's most accomplished fitness models, having gone on to claim numerous more titles, including consecutive wins at the WBFF Miss Bikini Diva Universe in 2008 and 2009. She was also named Muscle & Fitness Magazine's 2006 Ms. Muscle and Fitness, a title she shared with Alicia Marie. She is an elite Team BSN athlete and is a partner, co-creator and designer of the highly successful Ab-Circle Pro fitness product. She was also the spokesmodel for the brand, using her famous face and awesome physique in various marketing initiatives to sell the product in over 100 countries around the world. This campaign, coupled with her wildly successful globally broadcasted infomercials and key media appearances have made her an international celebrity.
She has launched a line of swimwear and features in a series of fitness DVDs called “Fabulously Fit Moms”. She is also a bestselling author, both online and in print. Her first printed book, “The Mind, Body & Soul Diet: Your Complete Transformational Guide to Health, Healing Happiness”, was released on January 1st, 2010 and she has authored numerous e-books, such as "Crack the Code", "The Fitness Model Program", "The Sexy Body Diet", "101 Things Not To Do If You Want to Lose Weight", "Get Fit with JNL", "Get Fit Now With JNL", and "The Bikini Model Diet”.
Her compelling weight loss story is shared with millions through her “how to look like a fitness model without being one” programme, which she has promoted, along with her success story on American national television, including Oprah Winfrey's talk show, “E” Entertainment and Inside Edition. This story also makes Jennifer a highly sought after spokesmodel, motivational key note speaker and success turn around coach, helping others achieve the same accomplishments as she has. She has also graced the covers of over 30 fitness magazines (Ed: make that 31!). So, it is safe to say that JNL's commercial empire is so large and expansive that you could call her the Jay-Z of the fitness world!
But that is by no means all. Expanding on the technology side of her empire, earlier this year Jennifer signed an international distribution agreement with telecommunications company Digital Asset Partners, which will see her delivering fitness advice, diet tips and motivational content directly to consumer’s cell phones in the form of SMS messages. This is a world first! In addition to the messages they will also receive many of Jennifer’s best selling e-products for free as an incentive to join and stay subscribed. The programme was also launched simultaneously in Australia and there are also plans to launch the product in the UK soon. 
JNL's iPhone application gives users access to her fitness tips, current exercise routines, direct access to her 100+ YouTube videos, allows users to listen in to her audio stream seminars, get visual motivation from her iPhone photo gallery and instant updates to her latest news. Users can also log in to her favorite social media outlets, such as her Facebook fan page and Twitter stream.
But don't think that this fitness entrepreneur is slowing down or sitting back to enjoy all her success. You can expect to see and hear a lot more from JNL Inc. in the near future. Her team are currently working on two more exercise equipment prototypes, which will be launched off of the success of the Ab Circle Pro. Her second book, entitled "The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Book" will also be released soon, along with The JNL Experience, her 2010-2011 swimsuit calendar. And JNL is also currently training to defend her title at the WBFF Miss Bikini Diva in September 2010.
The way Jennifer is using technology to drive her career and motivate and communicate with the world is the benchmark for all other fitness professionals. In just five years this U.S. fitness sensation has achieved what many struggle to do in a lifetime, which is become a globally recognisable and marketable brand. But what is possibly more impressive is that she has done this  while still being a devoted wife and loving mom, proving the point that women and even busy moms can do it all. Her success and entrepreneurial spirit is captured succinctly in the name of her latest business venture - JNL Worldwide, Inc. Having built a multi-million dollar brand around her physique, our July/August Fitness magazine cover model is undoubtedly one of the greatest fitness pioneers of our time.
For more information about JNL and her vast fitness empire visit:

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