Don't Resolve! Evolve
Let Them Make Their Resolutions
While You Create Your Evolution

By Jennifer Nicole Lee,
Fitness Expert & Author
Miss Bikini America 2005, Miss Muscle and Fitness

It’s that time again! Yes, the time where we make out our list of  New Year Resolutions.  We are finally ready to make the necessary changes and improvements in our lives, due to being fed up with our current state, or how we have been for the past few years, or just from overeating during the holidays. We are eager to make our New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, we make them, but the question is, Do we keep them? The sad truth is that our New Year’s Resolutions usually lasts only from about only 3 to 14 days! Yes, its quite pathetic!

But this year,  it’s going to be different! Because YOU, yes I am talking to YOU, are reading my article! I’m not going to let you down, so KEEP READING! I know you really want to make a difference and create positive changes in your life because you are taking the time to read this! So this year, don’t resolve, but rather EVOLVE by actually implementing and executing the changes that are necessary to create the life and body of your dreams!
I love these following words of wisdom: "It’s not knowing what to do, but rather DOING WHAT YOU KNOW!" On my countless consultations with people from around the world, the one thing that really startles me is that most of my clients know what to do! But sadly enough they DONT! That’s were my tough love comes in, and I coach them to success! But what I actually am doing is irritating their pain enough, causing them to take action!

My 4 week, 28 day guide is what you need for that motivational kick in the glutes! And why 4 weeks do you ask? Well, it’s been scientifically proven that it takes approximately 28 days for a new habit to stick, thus creating a new habit!
 This is my "JNL" Approved Step by Step guide, broken down into 4 weeks, which if executed correctly, will give you an excellent jump start for the entire rest of the year. Start my “JNL New Year’s Evolution” Guide when you are ready, and ideally right after the New Year begins, so you may start off the year with a super strong start.

Week One-Beginning Your “JNL New Year” Evolution

Here we are, at the beginning. I want to ensure you a strong start, so you stick with your program.  And there are many success keys to achieving your fitness goals, and I have outlined them here in this section devoted to Week One of your 4 week jump start!

1.Take Your Before Photo-

The first thing I urge all of my new weight loss and fitness clients to do is take their “Before” Photo. Yes, you may cringe at this thought, but its absolutely essential in achieving your goals. Why? Because you must have crystal clear clarity on how you look and feel right now before you start. You need to know where your starting point is. You also need to “get real” with yourself. Molly, one of my weight loss clients, was living a “lie” so to speak as she really didn’t know that she “looked that bad” until after she took her before photos. It was a shock that she needed to finally dedicate and devote herself to a healthier lifestyle.

I also urge all of you to look at your Before photo every day, even after you achieve your weight loss goals, as it will remind you to never go back to your old self.

2. Outline Your Goals-Crystal Clear! What DO YOU WANT?

When I first consult with a new fitness friend, they tell me everything that they DON’T WANT!
I usually hear “I don’t want to be fat anymore, I don’t want to be a fat skinny person, I don’t want to be tired all the time” and on and on! But I tell them, I know what you DON’T want, but what DO YOU WANT? Do you want to look like a fitness model, like me? Or do you want to look like a bikini model? Do you want to look like a ballerina like Nicole Kidman? Or more “bootylicious” like Beyonce? Once you decide what you want to look like, then train like that person!

Most of you who are reading this want to create what I call is “the fitness model look”, creating a strong, sexy, muscular yet feminine muscle tone, as if your body jumped off the cover of a fitness magazine!

If this is true, then you need to train, eat, and supplement like a fitness model!

Once you have gained a crystal clear vision of what you want to look like, then find this photo in a magazine, and place it next to your before photo. This will help you see your starting point, and then your finishing point.

3. Set Yourself Up For Success! Stock your house with healthy food and wise snack choices, and supplement!

The saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”, and this is so true when it comes to food! Throw out all unhealthy foods and “trigger treats” (those foods that are soooo tempting to you that you can’t resist), and stock your home with healthy choices.

Always keep in your fridge, kitchen and pantry the following:

Low fat protein options such as eggs, lean beef, chicken, and fish

Fresh vegetables and fruits

Nuts and seeds

And also good for you whole grain carbs, such as brown rice, brown bread, and oatmeal.

4. Hire a Trainer, Set Up Your Efficient Home Gym Area, and even an inexpensive gym membership!

It takes a village to get someone and keep someone healthy! Rely on a trainer, your fitness buddy, or even your significant other to keep you focused and training right! Make sure you have a small home gym ready to go if you don’t have the time to commute to the gym. A small reliable home gym contains the following items stored away in a convenient area you can get to quick: a matt, dumbbells in varying weights from heavy to light, a stability ball, and bands.

Even exercise DVDs are a quick efficient way to squeeze in a workout when you are short on time, and long on needed an invigorating workout.

5. Proper Supplementation is a MUST!

I rely on BSN’s Fit Stack is a staple in my lifestyle program. Atro-Phex, Cheaters Relief, and Lean Dessert Protein. Atro-Phex is the best fat burner on the market! It also helps curb your appetite, boosts your mood, and increases your mental focus! I rely also on BSN’s Cheaters Relief to help me block carbs on my “cheat days”. And to make sure I get proper protein intake, I rely heavily on my Lean Dessert Protein Shakes! So yummy in all dessert flavors! LDP makes staying in shape so delish!

6. Practice Self Affirmations

The saying goes “Whether you believe you can’t or you can, you are correct.” So believe that you can, and YOU WILL! Tell yourself over and over again that you will achieve your fitness goals, and you will! Stay positive, even on those days you feel a bit challenged, and keep your eye on the prize!

7. Use Visualization

Olympic Coaches practice the power of visualization with their gold medalist athletes. The astronauts who have walked on the moon, and went out into orbit also have practiced the power of visualization. These people have mentally “walked” through the most trying experiences, and have survived them. If Olympic Gold medalists and also Astronauts use this tool, cant you also use it for your fitness goals? It works, said and done!  Visualize yourself working out, eating healthy, and enjoying your super athletic lifestyle, and it will all happen!

Week Two-Executing Your Evolution

1.Shifts in Attitudes!

This will be your foundation to life long success and sticking with healthy new habits.

Shift your attitude from “I have to work out” to “I get to work out!” Seeing exercise not as torture, but rather the best, greatest gift you can give yourself will help you stick to it!

2. Learn Self Motivation and Self Accountability! If no one will keep you motivated, then who will? The answer is YOU! Once you master self motivation and self accountability, you can and will do anything you set your mind too! So one major tip is to make out your To Do list the night before, and then you will set yourself up for success for the next day, and you will be more prone to cross off all of your objectives, and achieve your goals, such as working out, supplementing, and also eating healthy. Hold yourself accountable through rewards. Such as, if you lose a pound of fat, and gain 3 pounds of muscle, then reward yourself with a brand new pair of shoes, or a massage, or a shopping spree with on your fav BSN supplements!

3. Hire a Life Coach, or Become Your Own Life Coach!

There is a difference between knowing what to do, and then doing what you know! Mentally coach yourself to success! Tell yourself that you can and will do it, and you will see it all materialize in your life. It won’t happen overnight, but if you keep at it, it will. It’s not about being perfect, yet persistent. And if you really need someone to coach you, be your “cheerleader” rooting you on to your success, and helping you along the way, then feel free to hire one. One of the biggest all time success clues is finding someone who has achieved what you want to achieve, and then hiring them by the hour to show you how they did it, and then “modeling” after them. Check out my where you can be coached and consult with me by telephone one on one, or work in as a group with my Online Community at Put yourself back on your To Do list and invest in yourself!

4. Keep Your Goals Visible to you!

Make vision board with your Before photo, and the After photo of your choice. Also keep other photos such as a bikini you want to wear, or a dress, or your favorite pair of jeans you will buy once you achieve your goals. Vision boards work, so keep them in an area where you can use them and add to them, and see them every day!

5. Keeping Your Program Fresh Creative Equals “Stickability”

One way to make sure you stick to your New Years Evolution is to ask yourself this empowering question: “How Can I Achieve My Fitness Goals, and Enjoy the Process?” Your mind, which is the most powerful creation ever, will give you answers! Ask yourself this question every day, and you will get answers from: I can try a new kick boxing class, hire a new trainer, go for a swim, roller blade, try that new sculpting class, learn how to cook my favorite high calorie meals with low fat ingredients”…

As you can see, the list can go on and on! So have fun & keep it creative!

Week Three-Following Through with Your Evolution

Putting your new lifestyle program into motion is easy. Make sure you do these three things below, and you will up your chances of sticking to your new healthy lifestyle

1.Plublically announce your new healthy lifestyle and goals to your closests friends and family: it’s been scientifically proven that if you tell your close friends and family of your goals, you increase your likelihood of making it come true by over 50%! Subconsciously you become more dedicated to achieving your goals because now others, besides yourself, are expecting you to do so.

2. Don’t Only See Your New Goals as “Losing” But Also Gaining! When you tell yourself that you will lose weight, your subconscious mind will only go looking for it! And its true, because how many times have you said that you are going to LOSE weight, only to find it again, back on your body? So use the power of words, such as “not only will I lose weight, but I will GAIN sleek & sexy muscle tone, and gain endurance, stamina and energy!

3. Set a Date! Tell everyone and yourself the exact date that you will have achieved your goals. If you have 30 pounds to lose, don’t simply say “I will lose 30 pounds.” Rather give it a date with a bit more detail, such as “I will lose 30 lbs by June 1st 2009, and be able to wear my old skinny jeans again!”

Week Four-Auditing Your Evolution-Measuring Your Results

Measure Your Results-Its one of my success principles that you can’t see how far you have come unless you take the time to measure your results. At the end of the 4th week, measure not only the physical improvements, such as actual weight loss on the scale, a loss in inches, and also an increase in your levels of energy, stamina and endurance.

And if you don’t really see any physical improvements, DON’T WORRY! They will come!

Give yourself the gift of time and allow your body to catch up with your new fit lifestyle.

NOTE: The #1 Reason People Don’t Stick to Their New Years Resolutions:

The #1 Reason why people don’t stick to their New Year Resolutions is that they have what I call “I-Want-It-Now-It is”, which is a pseudo-medical term for “Impatience!” It’s proven that if you want it now, but it takes a few months to get it, you give up! So go into your 2009 New Year with the clear understanding that it will take some time, at least a good 3 months to really see results.

JNL’s Personal Story Proving to Never Give Up: After the birth of my second son, I took my before photo. I was shocked and horrified.  So I started my weight loss transformation. I remember it being a good 2 and a half months that had passed, and nothing had changed in my body or weight, and I was dieting and exercising perfectly. I was at a cross roads: Do I give up and give in, as I was not seeing results, or do I choose persistence over being perfect, and at least “live” a healthy lifestyle, even though I wasn’t losing weight? And I chose the later, to keep on going. And right at the 3rd month IT HAPPENED! I started to lose weight, as it dramatically just started to melt off, to reveal sexy muscle tone! So there you have it, I am so grateful that I continued, and I didn’t give up or give in! And here I am as living proof to you to keep going and never stop, as your body will catch up with your new healthy strong sexy you!

And remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, so make sure you take it one day at a time, and do something healthy to reach and then maintain your goals once you get there!

JNL’s Word of Advice: “Fitness, working out, supplementation, and eating healthy is not a one time event! Rather it’s a journey! It’s a journey to be enjoyed. So enjoy the process of getting healthy, and then maintaining your wonderful results!”

New Year, New You Workout Exercise Formula:

Below you will find a list of exercises for each body part, which then you can correspond accordingly to the Weekly Workout Schedule. Simply pick out three exercises per bodypart, and perform 3 sets of either 8 to 12 reps (which is for those who need to build muscle mass), or 3 sets of 18 to 21 reps (for those who have mature muscle mass, and just want to maintain their quality of muscle, without increases the size).


Side Shoulder Raises

Front Shoulder Raises

Bent over Rows

Shoulder Press

One Arm Cable Raises


Tricep Kick Backs

Over Head Tricep Press

One Handed Tricep Press


Tricep Pull Down with Rope Cord


Lunges, Squats, Hack Squats, Leg Extensions, Hamstring Curl, Inner Thigh Machine, Outer Thigh Machine, Calf Raises, Romanian Dead lifts, Plies, Leg Kick Backs with Ankle Strap


Hanging Leg Raises, Twists, Crunches, Crunches on Stability Ball, Incline Crunches, Cable Pull Downs,


Pick any form of cardio that you love to do. Perform anywhere from 25 to no more than 45 minutes of cardio.

Note: I highly suggest you stay away from running, as it “eats” away your muscle, and makes you flabbier, not “harder”



Chest Presses

Dumbbell “Tree Hugs”

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Push Ups


Bicep Curls with dumbbells

Bicep Curls with Bar

Biceps with Cables

Hammer Curls


Bent Over Row

Standing Dumbell Row

Dumbell PullOver

Super Womans-Lay On Floor and Lift Up Back

Workout for Week One-For the First Week, Start Slow, At a Challenging Weight

Mon-Shoulders and Triceps

Wed- Abs and Fun Cardio Day

Thurs-Chest and Biceps


Sat-Abs and Fun Cardio Day

Sun-Active Rest Day, Grocery Shopping, and Food Prep Day for the week Ahead

Lean Dessert Protein Shake Recipe for the Week:

“German Chocolate Cake”

1 Scoop of BSN’s Lean Dessert Protein Shake, the Chocolate Coconut Candy Bar Flavor

4 to 8 oz of water, depending on how thick you want it

1 tablespoon of virgin unrefined coconut oil

1tablespoon of ground flax seed

Mix in blender on hi speed

Workout for Week Two-

Goals for Week Two:  Increase the Weight and Up the Cardio

Mon-Shoulders and Triceps

Wed- Abs and Fun Cardio Day

Thurs-Chest and Biceps


Sat-Abs and Fun Cardio Day

Sun-Active Rest Day, Grocery Shopping, and Food Prep Day for the week Ahead

Lean Dessert Protein Shake Recipe for the Week:

“Banana Nut Bread”

1 Scoop of BSN’s Lean Dessert Protein Shake, the Banana Nut Bread Flavor

4 to 8 oz of water, depending on how thick you want it

1 Small ripe banana

2 tablespoons of raw walnuts (optional)

1tablespoon of ground flax seed

Mix in blender on hi speed

Week Three

Goals for Week Three-Keep Up With the Momentum, and Increase the Reps and Weights

Mon-Shoulders and Triceps

Wed- Abs and Fun Cardio Day

Thurs-Chest and Biceps


Sat-Abs and Fun Cardio Day

Sun-Active Rest Day, Grocery Shopping, and Food Prep Day for the week Ahead

Lean Dessert Protein Shake Recipe for the Week:

“Cherry Vanilla Milk Shake”

1 Scoop of BSN’s Lean Dessert Protein Shake, the Whipped Vanilla Cream Flavor

4 to 8 oz of water, depending on how thick you want it

3 Marciano Cherries, with a touch of juice

1tablespoon of ground flax seed

Mix in blender on hi speed

Week Four

Goals for Week Four-Increase the Weight Again, and Add in Plyometrics to Challenge Yourself, and to Really Start Training Like an Athlete.

Mon-Shoulders and Triceps

Wed- Abs and Fun Cardio Day

Thurs-Chest and Biceps


Sat-Abs and Fun Cardio Day

Sun-Active Rest Day, Grocery Shopping, and Food Prep Day for the week Ahead

Lean Dessert Protein Shake Recipe for the Week:

“Fresh Cinnamon Roll”

1 Scoop of BSN’s Lean Dessert Protein Shake, the Fresh Cinnamon Roll Flavor

4 to 8 oz of water, depending on how thick you want it

2 tablespoons of raw walnuts (optional)

1 tablespoon of ground flax seed

Dash of Cinnamon

Dash of Nutmeg

Mix in blender on hi speed


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